2018 LIC Business Survey

2018 LIC Businesses & Organizations Survey

In December 2016, the Long Island City Partnership (LICP) released Phase I of its Comprehensive Plan for Long Island City (LIC). A core component of this plan involved conducting a robust existing conditions report, which was partly based on a detailed survey* (2016 Survey) of LIC’s businesses and organizations. Two years later, LICP conducted a follow-up online survey** (2018 Survey). More details on both surveys, the Comprehensive Plan can be found on our website at LICQNS.com/licplan.



2018 LIC Businesses & organizations Survey Brochure

Download the 2016 survey results here:

2016 LIC Businesses & Organizations Survey

For more information about the Business & Organization surveys or the LIC Comprehensive Plan, please contact Christina Chavez, cchavez@licpartnership.org.

* This survey, involving considerable door-to-door outreach and completed in April 2016, was sent to over 6,000 unique businesses and organizations and, after data clean up, resulted in 515 responses.
** The 2018 survey, conducted via email only, resulted in 204 unique responses.