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Access to a diverse and qualified workforce is the #1 factor life sciences companies consider when deciding where to locate.  With its premier universities and teaching hospitals, the New York region has become the largest market for life sciences talent in the country.  JLL’s 2019 Life Sciences Outlook reports that our region has proven itself as a top spot to access this talent and LIC's geographic location and rich transportation network make it extremely accessible to this premiere workforce.  

New York City Talent:


Long Island City Community:

LIC, with its growing residential population and workforce, is an enticing live/work/play community, attracting innovative industries and companies who want to tap into its workforce. Even if one doesn't live in LIC, its comprehensive transportation connections and central location make for easy commuting, whether you are a recent graduate living in Brooklyn or senior-level management located in the suburbs.

LIC also offers opportunities to connect with educational partners like Cornell Tech, a leader in Health Tech with a new campus only a short ferry ride away on Roosevelt Island, and LaGuardia Community College, providing diverse programs such as Lab Tech training, Public and Community Health, Computer Programming, and many more. We are happy to connect you to our neighborhood partners, who can work with you in creating specialized training and internship opportunities.  LIC’s numerous tech high schools are also great sources for building new talent. 

Explore our Cluster and Transportation pages to see just how close LIC is to other top research institutions in Manhattan such as Weill Cornell Medicine, Rockefeller University, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and more. 

For more detailed information on local demographics, click here or contact the Long Island City Partnership at

Workforce / Transportation / Cluster / Quality of Life / Real Estate / Incentives