Neuman's Kitchen

Relocating a business is a lot of work. It’s costly, takes time and can cause a lot of stress on the employees. It requires careful planning to execute – even then, things don’t always go accordingly.

Paul Neuman decided to move his catering kitchen to Long Island City, Queens, after outgrowing his space in lower Manhattan. The new location would provide more space for the 110 employees, and would allow the company to grow and serve more clients.

Paul had planned to finish moving all the equipments and start operating in the new facility by the first week of April. The move was going smoothly until March 10th, when a scheduled gas inspection with the utility company was cancelled. Paul immediately reached out to the Long Island City Partnership (LICP), for help getting the gas service turned on by the target date.

Through their relationship with the local utility companies, LICP was able to expedite the gas inspection. LICP worked with all the parties involved to ensure all paperwork were completed and filed with the utility company, and succeeded in rescheduling the inspection. As a result, the gas was turned on for Neuman’s Kitchen on April 1st, just in time for the scheduled opening.