COVID-19 Emergency Supply Sourcing

Respond to NYS’s and NYC’s Call:

The State and City are actively seeking businesses who can support critical supplies to support the COVID-19 response effort and to ensure the supply chains that support our state and city remain healthy. Products and services that are in need now include:
  • Medical-grade supplies and equipment for the health care industry, such as face shields, gowns, ventilators, masks, and more.
  • Other personal protective equipment for other industries, such as acrylic shields at grocery stores/restaurants/retail stores.
  • Prepared-meals and groceries delivery to support the vulnerable population.
Businesses that are able to provide these much needed supplies and equipment should complete the information forms on the website of the corresponding agencies:
New York State – Governor’s Office
New York City – Economic Development Corporation
Partner with Your Neighbors to Support COVID-19 Response:
We have been hearing overwhelming response from Long Island City businesses who are ready, willing, and able to help support the COVID-19 response effort. Many of our businesses are looking for partners to make and supply items in need. To help facilitate these collaborations, we have created the following self-serve directory to collect requests and offers.
Submit your request/offer here:


Support NYS and NYC COVID-19 Response Efforts


In supporting the COVID-19 response effort, there are several opportunities that are specifically for food servicing and manufacturing businesses:

Food Supply Match More Info

COVID-19 has affected supply chains all around New York, causing excess supplies with unmet demand. In response to this need, the City of New York has developed a new web portal called the Food Supply Match, which allows those with surplus food products and services to be matched with potential buyers:

Food Supply Match is like a “Craigslist” or matchmaker for food producers, distributors, facility owners, retailers, and others in the food value chain. Those with excess supplies of a product or services (processing, distribution, etc), and those looking for that product or service can share their information on a secure platform managed by the City of New York. Both parties can search the site for listings for their specific needs once they have filled out the survey form and created an account.  

Also linked here is a list of business relief resources, and attached is a summary of the US Small Business Administration programs.

Fuel The Front Lines  (More Info)

Fuel the Frontlines provides meals daily to the 9 hospitals in the Borough of Queens. Restaurants and caterers can join by providing cooked meals to first responders and hospital workers. Please see the below guideline and complete this form if interested.

  • Meals must be individually wrapped
  • No less than 125 meals per delivery, and up to 200 meals.
  • Meals should be kept between $6- $8.00
  • We want to provide hot meals (that can be reheated – no sandwiches!)
  • We are focused on using small businesses from the communities in the Borough of Queens.
  • Does the restaurant provide delivery or does that have to be arranged?

Queens Together  (More Info)   

Queens Together works with the Borough President’s office, the Queens Economic Development Corporation and local groups. The goal is to provide meals for frontline healthcare workers, other emergency responders, and Queens communities by partnering with local independent restaurants and food businesses. Please contact to become part of this initiative.

Raw Food Produce         

There are surplus quantities of bulk milk, seafood, produce, and specifically Chinese vegetables. Most of these items are from upstate NY, Long Island, and Florida (for the Chinese vegetables) that has lost its traditional customers, mostly restaurants, farmer’s markets, and Asian supermarkets. If any distributors or manufacturers are able to buy, use it, and distribute it---at competitive prices---please contact:

Feeding New Yorkers (More Info)

The City of New York is seeking vendors to provide meals or off-the-shelf pantry boxes for vulnerable New Yorkers during COVID-19. The City has stated with 2,000 and is now up to 100,000 per supplier per day for a variety of meal types. See the bid application form for the full bid terms and information, scope of services (page 19), and FAQ for more details.